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Quazer Graphs visualizes existent or live, unstructured data into interactive informational art,
and provides a summary analysis and concordance table, all on demand.

What to learn more? There's an informative video you can watch at the bottom of the page.

Please direct all questions to gavin@g60vision.com.

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Select one of the choices below.

Analyze transcripts (or any other formatted document).
This is a common transcript format (.docx file) available through SpeakWright and most other major transcript companies.
If you choose this option you will upload a .docx file using the "choose file" button down below.
Any document in this simple format will work, including Zoom transcripts, and even entire corpuses.

Download This Sample File to Try

Analyze Supreme Court transcripts (.pdf file)

Download Supreme Court argument transcripts in .pdf format here: https://www.supremecourt.gov/oral_arguments/argument_transcript/

Here are some sample pdf files to try.

McGirt v Oklahoma
Trump v Mazars USA LLP
Patent and Trademark Office v Booking
Little Sisters of the Poor Saints Peter and Paul Home v Pennsylvania
Agency for Intl Dev v All for Open Society

Analyze closed caption transcripts (.pdf file)

These are in the SnapStream format, used by Austin City Counsel and several other organizations.
Here is a sample .pdf file to try:

Austin City Counsel Meeting Transcript

Analyze transcripts from the REV Transcript Library: https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/all-transcripts

Here are some examples to try. Copy and paste these in the text box down below.

Analyze an earnings call transcripts from the Motley Fool Transcript Library: https://www.fool.com/earnings-call-transcripts/

Here are some examples to try. Copy and paste these in the text box down below.

Analyze a list of Twitter Handles separated by commas.

Here are some examples to try:


Analyze a movie script.
Paste a URL from the the Internet Movie Script Database into the text box below: https://imsdb.com/

Here are some examples to try. Copy and paste these in the text box down below.
For example:

Only .docx or .pdf allowed.

You can also choose a layout for the graph. Spring Layout is the default
and almost always looks best, but for complex graphs you can try the others.

Choose if you want to exclude long context.

For analyzing long text like whole books or quote hunting, you may not want long context.

You can also be selective about what entities are identified.This is useful
if you want to focus on certain topics, or get too many nodes or bad results.
'All' are selected by default, but selecting specific topics can create instresting results.

Finally, submit your form:

Please be patient after submitting. Processing can take several minutes.

If you get an error message, it probably timed out. See explanation below.

Error Message Explanation: If you filled out the form right and still get an error message it is probably because
your project timed out. This only applies to this web app.
For large jobs please contact me for the local app that you can use to accomplish all of your document and transcript analysis your goals.

What to learn more? Watch this video.

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